Tasks and objectives

GERDER Association aims primarily to bring together researchers in Turkish German Studies field who publish in the fields of literature, language, language education, linguistics, comparative literature, translation and interpreting which survey  German-Turkish relations on a cultural level and contribute significantly to the socio-cultural structuring in related areas.

The association fostering the academic performance of its members significantly is committed to the principle of promoting social and professional solidarity and creating positive interaction. It informs its members of scientific innovations, literary works and current issues by other members, not to mention  fostering its members to render academic production , to establish a closer cooperation with other national and international literary communities and to cooperate with universities.

Our association can cooperate with all Turkish and foreign researchers and scientists working in the above-mentioned fields. Unlike other associations in similar nature, it is in close contact with national and international academic communities, institutions and organizations, as well as universities rendering the association as an important bridge in the academic world. In this context, the association represents the Germanists in the Turkish public, in national and international institutions and organizations as well as in expert discussions with scientific activities, publications and research.

Our association  publishes a monthly newsletter regularly informing our members of news and announcements in language, literature and translation.


Statutes (from 06.10.2007)

Amended version of the statutes of the GERDER Association in the ordinary general meeting on 06.10.2007 (pdf)



Board of Directors

Supervisory Board